Orange Outsourcing and WHM integration

Outsourcing open-source development to Orange Egypt to integrate WHM value added services platform with Siebel.

Since 2014, ZAD Solutions has been outsourcing development services to Orange (Link & Mobinil till 2015). These services fulfilled the need for open-source products which are better in variety and faster to implement. The major project worked on for Orange was the VAS platform to up-sell extra services to clients. The system had to be customised, branded, and integrated with various business units and with the Siebel CRM provided by IBM


  • Integrating WHM with several platforms.
    WHM is a platform to distribute value added services to clients in several buisness units. It also manages contracts, periodic payments and expiration times of services. integration with different systems in several departments and subsidaries was the most challenging part, especially where the suystems came from different suppliers.
  • Introducing Ope-source to Link
    Link (Subsidary of Mobilnil which later became Orange) was one of Egypt's biggest Microsoft partners. This meant that they have to stick to microsoft technologies and in-house development team. But the much shorter time, less cost, and integration capabilities of ZAD team and opensource technologies made it a much better option.
  • Managing the project with different stakeholders.
    The stakeholders included 3 companies, 2 suppliers and many departments.


The system was successfully implemented and integrated. 3 rounds of testing were conducted and the application is now serving all Orange clients.