Health and Pharma

Health and Pharma
ERP for Pharma and Medical Supplies. Pharmaceutical companies have a very challenging and complex process that can't be managed without an advanced tailored system. Whether it is a medical supplies business or medicine manufacturer and distributor, they all handle very large inventories with huge SKUs and big sales teams with different commission models. We have worked with many of them to handle those challenges.



  • Data duplication between departments
  • It takes a lot of effort and cost to integrate between department
  • Inaccurate reports and analysis which may lead to a wrong decision making


  • Managing the sales reps’ visits plan, visits report and generate reports based on each team, area and products.
  • System for the sales person to record the sales order and linked it with the operation information.
  • The sales rep to check the products availability so they can make a suitable lead time for the orders.
  • Setting promotions, price list and credit limits for each client
  • Complex dynamic pricing methods with variable incentives and discounts for both the clients and sales team
  • Thousands of orders that get changed instantly

Purchase & Warehouse

  • Keeping track of each product history, Certifications, Country of Origin, expiration date.
  • Keeping track of the suppliers’ catalogues, specifications and prices
  • Forecast the expected needs of the market
  • Manage the hole purchase cycle, purchase requests, RFQ, Purchase orders, Shipments and landed cost
  • Classification of products by operation, Stocks, tools.
  • Easily track the stocks and tools in the company warehouses and the clients warehouses


  • Integrated with all other departments
  • Setting profit/cost centers and budgets and make sure that every department and projects is following these budgets
  • Efficiently monitor the cash flows

Human Recourses

  • Tracking employees’ data, actions and monitor the performance with the KPIs set in the system.


  • Tailored ERP to meet the health industry and pharmaceutical companies
  • Using the sales, CRM, accounting, HR, and payroll applications to manage the whole process
  • Customising the promotions module to dynamically support all algorythms
  • Modifying the accounting module to accurately collect and report the complex sales and pricing data
  • Introducing thr dynamic price-lists