Products and Solutions

All the products are based on open-source technologies which provides flexibility, no Lock-in, low total cost of ownership and in most cases ownership of source code.

Boost Performance

Through the implementation of ERP and other applications we help organizations optimize all processes and maximize performance

Connect Everything

Connecting machines, fleet, marketing tools, & customers touchpoints to your system. Collect data to monitor and improve.

Take The Right Decisions

Dashboards & reports that gets the right data in the right format to help taking the decision faster.

Automate Decisions

Algorithms that analyze the data gathered from all the sources to automatically take the decisions and put the plans.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

ERP Implementation & Business Automation

AI, Planning & Forecasting

Internet of Things

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About Us

A group of business applications consultants and software development experts. We work together to provide both the technical and business aspects to cover the whole spectrum of business applications.

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